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At Aeroconsult Group time is more than just critical, it is also costly. We know every minute gone by without getting you the parts you need, means revenue lost. That’s why we aim is to do everything possible to expedite you’re orders and keep your aircraft flying.

Aeroconsult will fulfil orders and AOG orders from anywhere in the world. We offer direct flight, Hand carriage, courier deliveries With years of experience working with the world's leading freight forwarders, air-cargo companies, air-charters and airlines Aeroconsult Group has the flexibility, experience & rapidity for immediate service where you our customer can rely on.

  • Aircraft dismantling

As part of our core business, Aeroconsult is always searching for an aircraft that is a potential "parting-out" candidate.
With this said we also handle third party Aircraft dismantling We manage for our customers the parting-out projects and coordinate the sale of the parts thru our sales channels.
Aircraft dismantling is a very interesting alternative instead of storing your plane especially when the sales of parts exceeds the current market value of the aircraft
Dismantling an aircraft "parting-out" is done due to several reasons but the most often reasons    are:

  • Replacement of fleet
  • Upgrades are too expensive
  • Rarity of a particular aircraft
  • Helps to keep your fleet flying